Do you have Brain Problem ??

How do you know if you have brain problems? The signs symptoms of brain tumors depend on their size, type, and location. The most common signs symptoms include headaches; numbness or tingling in the arms or legs; seizures; memory problems; mood and personality changes; balance and walking problems; nausea and vomiting; or change Brain   in speech, vision, or hearing. What are the signs and symptoms of neurological disorder? Physical symptoms of neurological problems may include the following: Partial or complete paralysis.Muscle weakness.Partial or complete loss of sensation.Seizures.Difficulty reading and writing.Poor cognitive abilities.Unexplained pain.Decreased alertness.

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Brain disorders occur when Brain is damaged by Brain injury, disease, or health conditions. The three Brain chemicals noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are involved in both bodily functions and Brain. There are 10 million people in the UK living with a neurological condition which has a significant impact on their lives. Mainly strokedementiaheadachebrain injury and epilepsy are the neurological conditions suffered in UK. It has been estimated that the lifetime risk of developing Brain and other central nervous system cancer is 1 in 133 for men and 1 in 185 for women in the UK. The goal of this session is to understand the Causes, Origin, Genesis and Source of various types of Brain disorders. The causes of Brain disorders: Brain traumaStrokeViral infections, Tumor, Brain’s electrical pathway and Genesis of Brain.